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Joanna Klink


Joanna Klink is the author of four books of poetry. Her poems have appeared in many anthologies, including Resistance, Rebellion, Life: 50 Poems Now and The Penguin Anthology of Twentieth Century Poetry. She has received awards and fellowships from Jeannette Haien Ballard, the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the Trust of Amy Lowell, and the Guggenheim Foundation. Joanna teaches in the M.F.A. Program at the University of Montana. Her newest book, The Nightfields (Penguin, 2020), includes a sequence of poems called Night Sky, based on the chambers of James Turrell’s Roden Crater.

The Value of Support

"At that early moment in my writing life, the Rona Jaffe Foundation Award gave me what I needed most: permission. Permission to trust my voice, permission to take the vocation seriously, permission to keep taking risks with my poems, even though they weren’t fashionable or funny. I felt, for the first time, that I was on a path."


Joanna Klink has been named a 2019 Guggenheim Fellow by the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.

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