The Rona Jaffe Foundation Writers’ Awards

The Rona Jaffe Foundation has created a program to identify and support emerging women writers of exceptional promise in recognition of the special contributions women writers make to our culture. 

The awards program acknowledges the difficulties some of the most talented among them have in finding time to write and gaining recognition. The Foundation believes its program offers a timely response to the particular obstacles women encounter at important junctures in their writing lives.

Writers of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry may qualify for the Foundation’s program. Awards are given to those in the early stages of their writing careers whose published or unpublished work reveals both accomplishment and exceptionally promising talent. Grants are awarded to make writing time available or for specific purposes such as child care, or research and related travel costs. Competitive candidates ordinarily are beyond the student stage and need not be young in years given that talent may emerge at any age.

Nominations of candidates are solicited from writers, editors, critics, and other professionals in the literary field whose experience brings them in contact with women writers of unusual talent. An independent selection committee is appointed each year to recommend awards from among the nominees to The Rona Jaffe Foundation. The nominators and selectors serve anonymously.

Direct applications and unsolicited nominations are not accepted by the Foundation.

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