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Spring 2022 Poetry from Award Winners Joanne Dominique Dwyer, Dana Levin, Lauren Goodwin Slaughter

(l-r): Joanne Dominique Dwyer (photo: Heidi Cost), Dana Levin, Lauren Goodwin Slaughter

Joanne Dominique Dwyer (’08) Rasa (Marsh Hawk Press, May 2022)

“To read Joanne Dominique Dwyer’s Rasa is to delight in learning the wor(l)d we inhabit. Through the generous sharing of experiences that telescope out from the personal to the global, these lyrics written with a perfect ear, make us question our knowledge, our fears, our loves.”

Dana Levin (’04) Now Do You Know Where You Are (Copper Canyon Press, April 2022)

“Dana Levin’s fifth collection walks with the reader through the disorientations of personal and collective transformation. Written between 2016 and 2020, Levin works in a variety of forms, calling on beloveds and ancestors, great thinkers and religions—convened by her own spun-of-light wisdom and intellectual hospitality.”

Lauren Goodwin Slaughter (’12) Spectacle (Panhandler Books, May 2022)

“In Spectacle, Lauren Goodwin Slaughter’s second full-length collection, the poet deepens her commitment to the enduring and eternal subjects of womanhood, motherhood, and family, and deftly considers how those devotions intersect in ways joyful, mysterious, and cruel within personal and political landscapes. When artistic eye meets the fierceness of subject, the result is poetry deeply rooted in its lyricism and empathy, grounded in its depth of emotion, and unflinching in its alertness to the poet’s beloveds and world.”



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